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Save the e-mail addresses that you want

Save the e-mail addresses that you want

Copying an e-mail address to the clipboard has never been easier thanks to our plug-in.

· Do you need to copy an e-mail address into a conversation or a Word document?
· Do you need to create a list of e-mail addresses without sending an e-mail?
· Do you need to retrieve the e-mail address for an e-commerce website without having to use their customer service form?
· Do you need to copy an e-mail address to use in another e-mail application?

… Once you have installed it into your browser, the “Opti Emails” extension will allow you to collect e-mail addresses from any web page!

Simply click on an address or the contact form button to copy the contact e-mail to the plug-in’s history (accessible on the right of the browser menu).

Use the e-mail addresses in your list as many times as you want by clicking on the Copy/Paste icon to the right of each address.

Did you accidentally copy the wrong e-mail address? Don’t panic! You can delete it at any time by clicking the little waste paper bin.

The plug-in protects your personal data, and does not store the e-mail addresses that you copy. By installing “Opti Emails”, you implicitly accept our privacy policy.

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